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Where Can I Use Brick Effect Tiles?

  • October 10, 2019

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Brick effect tiles are one of the most common requests for things homeowners would like installed in their houses or apartments. It can add a gorgeous unique look to the inside of a house, whether you choose to install it in your kitchen, bathroom or outside. It’s one of the most popular choices of finishes out there, and remains durable and easy to clean without being as rough or hard to maintain as an authentic brick finish.

If you want to go for a raw, natural look that can complement the feel of your home, brick effect ties are an excellent choice.

Here’s more information about brick effect tiles and where you should install them.

What Are Brick Effect Tiles?

Brick effect tiles are flat, light tiles with an authentic brick finish to complete the look. They’re often used where bricks would look great to compliment the rest of the room, but where the installation of an actual natural brick wall would be heavy, expensive or impractical – which describes most home settings.

They are meant to accurately imitate the look and feel of a real brick finish without all of the effort that comes with maintaining one.

If you would like to replace your existing tiles for another look or you have to re-tile for other reasons, brick effect tiles can be an excellent choice.

Where Can I Use Brick Effect Tiles?

Technically, brick effect tiles can be used anywhere in your house where you would like them to be. That’s one of the great things about using them.

Common places to install brick effect tiles includes in bathrooms and kitchens where it can add to the feel of a “natural” home from the inside, though they are sometimes also installed in bedrooms or on the outside where they could be a great addition to compliment a natural look.

Do Brick Effect Tiles Affect Your House?

If you live in an area that’s more prone to be affected by cold and rainy weather, brick tiles are less likely to absorb heat in the same way as porcelain floor tiles. In most cases, porcelain and ceramic tiles are cold to the touch and can cool down the rest of your house as soon as temperatures drop, but brick effect tiles in your home can help to keep temperatures at a constant – especially when installed in colder areas of the house where walls lose the most heat.

Are Brick Effect Tiles Difficult or Expensive to Install?

Brick effect tiles aren’t nearly as prone to damage as real natural-finish tiles like brick or limestone. This means that they are the easier option for people who don’t want to fuss too much about their tiles – but still want a great look.

They aren’t difficult or expensive to install, and don’t nearly require as much work or maintenance as natural stone tiles. This is one of the factors that can make brick effect tiles suited to almost any area in the  house.

Can Brick Effect Tiles Be Used in a Bathroom?

Brick effect tiles are a great addition to any bathroom – but only if they  have been properly treated against the potential for damage. Brick effect tiles that are properly maintained won’t damage from moisture absorption – and it can actually help to warm up the environment in your bathroom.

Many bathrooms opt for a rustic or more natural finish: This is great when complimented with natural brick effect tiles.

Can You Use Brick Effect Tiles for a Kitchen Splashback?

Yes, you can use brick effect tiles for a kitchen splashback. More people are opting for a more natural, warm finish when redoing their kitchens – and brick effect tiles can add to a kitchen that feels more like home. It also does a lot more than this and can help to protect the kitchen wall against any splashes from food – oil and steam can do an incredible amount of damage to most tiles, whereas properly treated brick effect tiles can just be cleaned and look brand new.

Why Use Brick Effect Tiles Over Tiles?

Brick effect tiles have many benefits over just opting for tiles. In colder areas, they can help to reflect the heat off the tiles instead of absorbing the cold – and they can also add a protective element when used in a bathroom or kitchen. When properly installed, brick effect tiles don’t require as much maintenance as any natural stone tile finish and they can last for years.

Do Brick Effect Tiles Require Special Treatment?

Brick effect tiles don’t require special treatment or regular sealant in the same way that stone finishes do – and they don’t absorb dirt in the same way as regular brick. This means that they are a great affordable and low-maintenance option for any homeowner who still wants to achieve an effective look in their house without the effort or work.

How Do You Clean Brick Effect Tiles?

Most forms of brick effect tiles can just be cleaned with water and a cloth – usually the moment they show any signs of staining. This isn’t the same as when cleaning a natural stone finish, that can require more care to keep it in good condition for the long-term (and remember that natural stone finishes will often require the use of regular sealant at least once a year).

Can You Use Brick Effect Tiles Outside?

Brick effect tiles aren’t just an excellent choice for the inside of your home, but some people are also choosing to install them on the outside. Any patio or leisure area outside that would look great with a brick finish without the time or effort of physically installing bricks can benefit from a brick-like finish.

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