Free shipping on all orders over £300

Free shipping on all orders over £300

Elgin Statuario White

Elgin Statuario is a luxurious glazed matt white marble affect wall tile produced by one the finest factories in Portugal.

Elgin Matt White Marble

Combine this beautiful porcelain tile with the Elgin Floor tile range to create a truly stunning marble look. This tile is designed for very small grout lines just like marble so when installed you have minimal or no grout lines giving a very realistic look. Please note the 593mm x 1193mm is a special order …

Righteous Renovations

Where are the best cities in the UK to take on a renovation project? As time passes, bricks crumble, paint fades and peels, gardens grow wild, and timber begins to rot. Left to their own devices, most houses will slowly decay, degrade, and eventually disappear altogether as they succumb to the elements around them. Fortunately, …

Garden Trends Index 2022

What are the hottest garden trends right now? As springtime rolls in across the Northern Hemisphere, the daylight lasts longer and the temperature gets hotter. Consequently, people start spending more time in their gardens to enjoy the improved conditions. Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, are used for a variety of activities, and often …