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Free shipping on all orders over £250

How To Publish Your Recent Work On Our Website


Tilers: Sign-Up

Tilers: Login

If you’ve completed a job for a client recently and used our products, we’d love to feature your work on our site as an example of what can be achieved.

Creating an account and uploading your photos is quick and easy. Follow the steps below and have a look at the screenshots for more details.

Step 1. Click the ‘Register’ button below.

Register for a new account.

Step 2. Fill out the quick registration form as shown.

Atlas Ceramics Registration Form
Enter a username and your email address.

Step 3. Wait for your email which will contain your password. Click the link to set a password. Make a note of it for future reference.

Atlas Ceramics ‹ Reset Password
Set yourself a memorable password.

Step 4. Login to your account using your recently created password.

Atlas Ceramics ‹ Log In
Login to your account.

Step 5. Once logged in, go to ‘Posts’ and then ‘Add New’, as shown in the screenshot.

Dashboard ‹ Atlas Ceramics — WordPress
Click the links as shown above.

Step 6. Add a title for your recent job, along with a short description of the work done and the products used.

Add New Post ‹ Atlas Ceramics — WordPress
Write a little about the work that was carried out. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar or formatting the post, we can do that before we publish it.

Step 7. Upload your photos by clicking the ‘Add Media’ button. Then click ‘Create Gallery’ as shown in the screenshot below. Click the ‘Select Files’ button to choose the images that you wish to upload.

Add New Post ‹ Atlas Ceramics — WordPress (1)
Click the button to select the images that you want to upload.

Step 9. Make sure the images that you want to add to your post are ticked. Then click the ‘Create New Gallery’ button in the bottom right.

Step 10. Add any necessary captions below each image and click the ‘Insert Gallery’ button in the bottom right.

Add New Post ‹ Atlas Ceramics — WordPress (3)
You can add separate captions to each image if you wish.

Step 11. In the ‘Categories’ box on the right, tick the ‘Tiler’s Work’ box. Click ‘Submit for Review’ once you’ve finished.

Add New Post ‹ Atlas Ceramics — WordPress (4)
Categorise your post then submit it for review when you’re happy it’s complete.

We’ll then check it, and get it published live on our blog so you can show any potential future clients and share it with your social media followers.