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Timeless Interior Trends



Which interior trends have stood the test of time?

The design of the interior of your house is a big deal, and as such people painstakingly debate how their home is going to look when fully decorated and furnished. Although you can go for any style of design you can think of, some distinct styles have emerged throughout history in different parts of the world.

All of these styles have a unique set of characteristics, such as building material, wall tile colour, and furniture types which are almost always on display. But which of these styles is most popular, and has increased its popularity in recent years? By studying the interest in these interior styles and their social media popularity, we have identified the most timeless interior trends.



The top 5 timeless interior trends

1 – Farmhouse Interior, interior score of 8.89/10:

The number one timeless interior trend is the farmhouse interior. Searches for farmhouse interiors rose by almost 250% in the last four years, and there have been more than a quarter of million TikTok views. The farmhouse interior style is characterised by white furniture, walls, and furnishings mixed with classic high-quality wooden elements.

2 – Scandinavian Interior, an interior score of 8.79/10:

 Scandinavian styling is seen throughout the world as being elegant in its simplicity. This is true for Scandinavian interiors as well, as they are often uncarpeted, white or grey affair that utilises a minimalistic approach to furniture and colour. Scandinavian interiors are also popular on social media, with over 800,000 Instagram posts and over 40 million TikTok views.

3 – Japanese Interior, interior score of 8.54/10:

Japanese interior design is incredibly distinctive, you would instantly know the interior style that you’d walked into. Japanese design utilises nature, light and open space; they often incorporate typically outdoor features such as fountains, rock gardens and plants inside. Moreover, they favour shojis instead of concrete walls, these room dividers made from paper and wood allow natural light to permeate through the whole interior.

4 – Industrial Interior, an interior score of 8.51/10:

Standing in opposition to the Japanese interior is the harsh, jagged and distinctly metallic industrial interior style. Just like all the styles before it, industrial interiors often utilise a lot of open space, but the furniture style is very different with most of it being made from metals and repurposed industrial items (such as workbenches for dining tables).

5 – Eclectic Interior, interior score of 8.39/10

The word eclectic means to bring together ideas from a broad range of sources, and similarly eclectic interiors contain a mixture of other interior design styles. Eclectic interiors often feature a mix match of interesting furnishings and curios, such as modern sculptures, vintage lamps, and vases of flowers. Searches for eclectic interiors have risen by over 113% in the past four years, and there are 2.7 million TikTok views for this style.



Most Instagrammed interior trends



1 – Scandinavian interior, 886,145 Instagram posts:

The Scandinavian interior style is by far the most trendy on Instagram, appearing in more than 200,000 more posts than any other interior style. Moreover, Scandinavian interiors have featured in 22 times as many posts as the average number of posts an interior style achieves.

2 – Vintage interior, 659,953 Instagram posts:

Vintage interiors are characterised by antique or old second-hand furniture, often from the mid-20th century. Gilded mirrors, brass elements, and decorative border tiles are all hallmarks of the vintage interior style. It was one of only two interior styles featured in over half a million Instagram posts.

3 – Bespoke interior, 214,569 Instagram posts:

There were over 200,000 Instagram posts featuring bespoke interiors, although this is less than a quarter of the number of posts for  Scandinavian interiors, it is still enough to rank in third place. Bespoke means an item is made specifically to the customers’ specification, therefore this trend embraces being unique and using rare furniture pieces.


Most popular TikTok interior trends

1 – Mediterranean interior, 330.9 million TikTok views:

Mediterranean interiors are bright, just like the hot sunny part of the world where they originated. They often utilise bold colours such as yellow and turquoise, which represent the Mediterranean sun and sea. As it is a hot climate, large glass sliding windows and doors are utilised to let in the pleasant air. By almost 300 million more than any other style, Mediterranean interiors were viewed the most on TikTok 

2 – Scandinavian interior, 40.2 million TikTok views:

For once, Scandinavian interiors are not the top ranking trend, having to settle for second place on TikTok. However, they were the only other interior style to have at least an eight-figure number of views.

3 – Vintage interior, 8.3 million TikTok views:

Vintage interiors are the third most popular interior style trend on TikTok, with over 8 million views, This is more than double the average number of views for an interior trend, highlighting the increasing love for a vintage look.




  • A list of different interior trends was created from articles such as
  • We then searched each one on Google Keyword Planner, with the style name + interior to discover how many searches for each style had been made.
  • Search data was sourced for each of the past four years before calculating the change in the number of searches over that four-year period.
  • The number of posts on Instagram and views on TikTok videos mentioning each trend using hashtags were also source.
  • Finally, each trend was given a normalised score out of ten for each of the above four factors, before an average of these scores was taken.