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DIY Hack Index

The most popular DIY home hacks on Instagram, TikTok and Google

DIY home improvement projects are not only great for your budget but are also a fun way to upgrade your home interior design in a personalised way.

When it comes to DIY home hacks, the perfect source of inspiration can be found on social media, with millions of TikTok views, Instagram posts and Google results for DIY tutorials. We wanted to find the most popular DIY home hacks online, looking at ideas from DIY bathroom tiles to homemade furniture.

We also looked at some of the most popular DIY influencers on Instagram, using InBeat’s Instagram Money Calculator to estimate their maximum potential earnings per post.



The Most Popular DIY Hacks Online


  1. DIY Mirror | 52.7M Tiktok Views | 11,947 Instagram Posts | 78,900 Google Searches

 One of the hottest hacks on social media, DIY mirror trends involve anything that makes a regular mirror more unique – from crafting mirror frames out wooden sticks, to painting marbled patterns on the mirror’s surface.

Popular DIY mirror posts on Instagram and Tiktok show that finished pieces can add a statement to any room.



  1. DIY Vanity | 14.2M Tiktok Views | 7,288 Instagram Posts | 73,500 Google Searches

 Finding unique and stylish storage solutions for your skincare and makeup can elevate your interior decor while organising your home. One of the most popular DIY hacks is DIY vanities, with plenty of videos on Tiktok of tutorials on how to build and install your own mirrored vanity.

Posts on Instagram, Tiktok and Google show the DIY vanity building process, from constructing DIY mirror frames, to building tables and drawers.




  1. DIY Tiling | 6.5M Tiktok Views | 2,663 Instagram Posts | 64,000 Google Searches

 One of the most popular DIY trends this year is home tiling. Tutorials use ceramic tiles to decorate tables, bookshelves and bathroom walls, to update the home’s interior and add a contemporary feel to any room. Common styles use large square tiles and a matching colour grout to cover furniture from top to bottom. On Tiktok, there are 25.7M views for videos tagged #TileTable and there are 6.3M views under #DIYTiling.

While starting a DIY tiling project can seem daunting, there are some ways to make the process easier. Using large tiles and tile spacers can help to ensure even spacing, and coloured grout can be made at home by adding a small drop of acrylic paint to white grout. Alternatively there is plenty of coloured grout to choose from. It’s always best to order more tiles than you think you might need, to avoid making a trip to the store in the middle of completing your project.

Here are a few interesting DIY Tiling projects:

Damask Decor 8 in kitchen setting
Rio Cielo Pizza Prepping Bench
Rio Cielo Pizza Prepping Bench



The Highest Earning DIY Influencers on Instagram

  1. Lindsay Dean (@frills_and_drills) | 1M Followers | Estimated Earnings Per Post: $12,800

 DIY and home hack influencer, Lindsay Dean, is the highest-earning DIY influencer we looked at, according to InBeat’s Instagram Money Calculator. The online calculator estimates the Florida-based influencer could earn up to $12,800 per sponsored Instagram post.


  1. Elsie Larson & Emma Chapman (@abeautifulmess) | 674K Followers | Estimated Earnings Per Post: $7,850

 Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman run the Instagram account @abeautifulmess, which posts DIY hacks, tutorials and inspiration for its 647,000 followers. According to InBeat’s Instagram Money Calculator, they could make up to $7,850 per sponsored Instagram post.


  1. Kelly Mindel (@studiodiy) | 419K Followers | Estimated Earnings Per Post: $4,870

 Los Angeles-based DIY influencer Kelly Mindel is the founder of Studio DIY, a blog for DIY projects, hacks and home ideas. Mindel’s Instagram posts show a variety of DIY hacks from candle holders to gallery wall compositions.


We wanted to discover the most popular DIY home hacks online, so compiled a list of popular home DIYs and looked at the total number of tagged posts on Instagram, number of TikTok views for each hashtag and the number of worldwide Google searches in the last 12 months for each hack. We created an overall ranking of the most popular DIY hacks online using an average of these figures.

We also looked at popular DIY influencers on Instagram and used InBeat’s Instagram Money Calculator to find the maximum estimated potential collaboration cost for one sponsored post.


All figures are accurate as of 02/03/2022.