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Warmup DCM-PRO is an innovative electric underfloor heating system designed to provide comfortable warmth underfoot. The DCM-PRO range offers two decoupling mat versions, with the focus on the fleece-backed version, which is ideal for use over coarser or damp surfaces.

Perfect for older homes with higher heat loss or installations where a warmer floor is desired, the DCM-PRO system the best choice. When installed at a 3 castellation spacing, it produces 150W/m², ensuring ample heating capacity for colder environments while the decoupling design of the v3 Mat provides protection to your new floor tile installation

In addition to the fleece-backed version, Warmup also offers a peel and stick version of the DCM-PRO decoupling mat, which is significantly cuts down installation time as you no longer need to wait for your adhesive to set.

Unsure of which Mat system you need? 

With Warmup DCM-PRO, you can enjoy the luxury of underfloor heating while tailoring the system’s power output to suit your specific heating needs and flooring requirements.