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Patterned Tiles

At Atlas Ceramics, we have a full range of patterned tiles for decorative use in any room of your home. Patterned tiles are the best way to make the room pop, and they add depth and style to the lounge, bedroom or conservatory. Below is a brief guide to what you need to know before purchasing your set of patterned tiles.

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The Advantages of Patterned Tiles

Using patterned tiling around your home has numerous benefits in enhancing the visual styling and attractiveness of any room. Here are our top reasons for installing patterned tiles.

Bring a touch of style

Are you tired of those plain white tiles in your kitchen or lounge? If your home looks more like a hospital or doctor’s rooms than it does a place or residence, then patterned tiles can enhance the visuals of the room, bringing in some much-needed colour and styling.

Capture attention

Patterned tiling provides the room with a visual touchpoint that draws attention. Even subtle patterns can improve the visual aesthetics of the lounge or dining room, creating an attractive feature that draws the attention of any guests.

Unique characteristics

With so many styles and designs available in patterned tiling, you have the opportunity to customise your living space any way you like.

What Rooms Suit Patterned Floor Tiles?

We think that patterned tiles are the best way to accentuate the characteristics of any room in your home. Using patterned tiles in the hallway helps to expand the visual appearance of the area, opening up the room, creating more space. This expansive optical illusion of patterned tiles also suits water closets and conservatories as well.

Whether it’s a grey, full-colour, or monochrome patterned tile, your bedrooms and kitchen floors can also benefit from patterned tiles to enhance the aesthetic of the floors, creating attractive visuals that blend well with the décor.

Do Patterned Floor Tiles Make a Room Look Big or Small?

Patterned tiles can either make your room look larger or smaller depending on the design. Depending on what you want to achieve with your remodel, patterned tiling provides an optical illusion that can extend or confine your living space. Review our range of patterned tiles, and ask our friendly and knowledgeable sales team about the best patterned tiles to suit your application.