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Sparkly Tiles

Sparkly tiles allow you to create a fabulous feature in any kitchen, bathroom or conservatory environment. For a smart, classic look that will fully enhance any kitchen or bathroom choose from a range of black and white sparkly tiles that offer a polished sparkly finish, adding a real element of luxury to the home.

We also stock a great collection of quartz and sparkly tiles in a range of colours, so you can really brighten up or refresh your kitchen or bathroom with a sparkly feature wall or floor. We also offer a range of Warmup Underfloor heating options so you can add stylish tiles to your home with an extra element of comfort!

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Gulf Stone Black Opal Sparkly Tile 300mm x 600mm


Gulf Stone Black Opal Sparkly Tile 600mm x 600mm


Gulf Stone Essel Beige Sparkly Tile 300mm x 600mm


Gulf Stone Essel Beige Sparkly Tile 600mm x 600mm


Gulf Stone Silver Grey Sparkly Tile 300mm x 600mm


Gulf Stone Silver Grey Sparkly Tile 600mm x 600mm


Gulf Stone White Pearl Sparkly Tile 300mm x 600mm


Gulf Stone White Pearl Sparkly Tile 600mm x 600mm


StoneFace- Desert Multi 150mm x 600mm Natural Slate Splitface


StoneFace- Indian Glory 150mm x 600mm Natural Slate Splitface


StoneFace- Jak Black 150mm x 600mm Natural Slate Splitface


StoneFace- Silver Shine 150mm x 600mm Natural Slate Splitface


StoneFace-Snow White 150mm x 600mm Natural Slate Splitface


Voyage Horizon Blue Mosaic 298mm x 298mm


Voyage Midnight Black Mosaic 298mm x 298mm


Voyage Neon Blue Mosaic 298mm x 298mm


Sparkle, Glitter and Quartz Tiles

Inject glitz and glamour into your home with our sparkly quartz tiles. These high quality, low-maintenance, and durable quartz wall and floor tiles can take any room of your home from dull to dazzling in an instant. Are you considering using quartz tiles in your home? Read on to learn all about which rooms quartz tiles work best in. Whether you want to enhance your living areas or upgrade your bathroom, we have the right sparkly tiles to help create the home of your dreams.

Create a welcoming hallway

When it comes to designing a home you love, the hallway serves an important purpose. You want your hallway to both set and lift the general ambience of your home — and our quartz tiles can help you do just that with maximum style.

Which colour of quartz tile will work best in your hallway?

Hallways are often narrow and confined small spaces. It’s therefore best to stick to a lighter colour palette to prevent the area looking dark and boxed-in. That’s why white or cream sparkly tiles are such a good choice for the hallway. The quartz contains light-reflecting properties to help smaller hallways look bigger than they really are. Alternately, if you already have lots of natural light flooding your hallway, darker colours of quartz tile will also work very well and look beautiful on the floor or walls.

Decorating your entrance hall with quartz tiles — along with the right furniture and accessories — will put a smile on your face every time you step through your front door. Your hallway is also a chance to create a stunning display that will delight guests upon entry. In addition to your sparkly tiles, you could hang an eye-catching piece of art or display a striking sculpture. A mirror is the perfect finishing touch to help reflect even more light.

Inject life into your living room

If you want a sleek and sophisticated living room, quartz tiles are the perfect addition to the walls or floor. They’ll help create a chic yet warm ambience perfect for entertaining guests, as well as unwinding on the sofa at the end of the day. Your choice of tile colour should ultimately be a reflection of your personal style. You want to pick something you’ll be happy with for years to come. Neutral colours such as cream and white will open up the room beautifully. These shades look even better with pops of bronze or gold injected throughout the room.

If you enjoy brighter shades, opt for pink, turquoise, or black quartz tiles. These vibrant quartzite hues bring an unexpected element of quality and drama to the room. When using darker stone colours, it’s important to retain a sense of balance. Incorporate objects of lighter shades which stand out against the dark backdrop created by the tiles. This will create an all-important contrast and harmony in the room.

No living room is complete without the right accessories — and they’re crucial for completing the sophisticated look of your home. Use a large mirror to create light and space, as well as add even more glamour. Add warmth and texture to the space with gorgeous throws and sofa cushions: velvet, satin, and faux fur are good choices. You can also layer rugs to create a cosy vibe, particularly useful on stone floors. Display family photos in elegant frames to add a personal touch.

Transform your kitchen With Sparkling Features

Quartz tiles offer the combination of style and practicality that’s desperately needed in the kitchen. Water-resistant and low-maintenance, quartz tiles are easy to keep clean whether you use them as a splashback above countertops or flooring — or both! Not to mention: they look stunning. Since the kitchen is easily one of the most used rooms of the house, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t get the same special treatment as the rest of your home. Sparkly tiles will add that unexpected glamour and turn your kitchen into a beautiful haven.

When it comes to colours, why not be bold? Purple or turquoise quartz tiles certainly make a statement. Or perhaps rose or red? This rich shade stimulates appetite — as well as warms up the space. Always be mindful of the amount of natural light your kitchen gets when choosing your tiles. You don’t want to use too many dark colours such as granite countertops and end up making the room feel smaller than it actually is. See our flooring advice section for ideas or browse our installation gallery, etsy, pinterest or instagram for some inspiration.

So, what looks good with quartz tiles in the kitchen?

Replacing chrome hardware with metallic knobs and handles adds subtle glamour. Lighting is also important for creating the right ambience. A pendant light in a copper shade will bring sophistication and warmth to your cooking area (which kitchens are often lacking).

You may also like to install a dimmer switch, so you can change up the brightness as you please. Lastly, switch out hard and ugly breakfast stools for padded, comfy ones. If possible, you can even make room for a small sofa. This will turn the kitchen into somewhere your family members love to go to spend time together and relax.

Relax in a luxurious bathroom

The bathroom is typically the one room of the house lacking in style and interest, but it really needn’t be. The solution? Use our quartz tiles to introduce a touch of glamour to your bathroom. And since sparkly tiles are water-resistant and easy to wipe down, they’re an especially practical choice.

When it comes to the bathroom, don’t be scared of dark colours. Black or blue quartz tiles reflect the light while simultaneously exuding opulence like nothing else can. But if you prefer to keep your bathroom light and airy without sacrificing sophistication?

Simply opt for white, cream, or ivory quartz tiles instead. These lighter shades still retain enough sparkle to make your bathroom something special — and help open up the room. Your quartz tiles will be the star-feature of your bathroom.

There are a few ways you can decorate your bathrooms to maintain the confidence and sense of luxury set by the quartz tiles:

Replace your hardware. Brass or gold knobs and handles look far more sleek and expensive than plain old chrome. This little change will make a big impact to the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

Hang framed artwork or prints on the walls to add further visual interest to the room (just as you would in any other room of your house). Display scented candles and crystal decanters filled with bath oil. Your quartz bathroom will seem less like your bathroom and more like a relaxing spa retreat.

To round off the experience? Make sure to have a constant supply of fluffy towels and a comfy dressing grown within easy reach.

Update your conservatory

Bored of your conservatory? Give it a much-needed makeover with our stunning quartz tiles. Sparkly tiles in lighter colours are perfect for conservatories.  Shades of white and cream will help maximise the sunlight your conservatory gets — as well as add a subtle sparkle that looks beautiful night and day. You’ll also love quartz tiles for being so easy to clean; they’re really ideal for this high-traffic room.

With so many different colours to choose from, it’s easy to create a fresh take on more traditional designs with quartz tiles. If you like a traditional interior styles, opt for rattan furniture with plenty of cushions to enhance your comfort. If you want a modern feel to the room, use statement furniture in darker colours that bring contrast to the quartz tiles. To finish put some photos and ornaments out on display. Your conservatory will feel just like another living room you can enjoy all year round.

Stunning and timeless, our high-quality quartz tiles are perfect for adding just the right amount of glamour and sophistication to your home. Are you ready to transform your home into one you truly love? Now that you’re inspired, start by browsing our wide selection of sparkly tiles today! Get in touch with us for details on deals, prices, technical information and any details you need about our online shop. Prices are displayed throughout the ranges and samples are available on a great deal of our products.

We also offer a huge selection of porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone tiles, such as marble and limestone that are ideal for complementing your quartz sparkly tiles. We have an extensive mosaic collection which look great in bathrooms and other common areas. Browse across our site for further details on our great tile pieces and flooring options or contact us direct to speak over the phone.

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