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Can I tile over my existing tiles?

  • May 4, 2017

Once you have chosen your new tiles you need to think about the installation process. Before fixing your tiles you will need to decide whether to tile over your existing tiles or to remove the old tiles first. It is common practise to tile over existing tiles but you must first run through some checks to establish whether or not this would be suitable for the chosen space.

The first thing to establish is that the existing tiles are actually well secured to the wall or substrate. A firm bond is essential as it allows you to be confident in the fact that your new tiles will be firmly secured to the existing tiled surface without any complications arising.

If you are using large format tiles or natural stone tiles you must consider whether the substrate will be able to handle the weight of the tiled surface as some plaster boards have specific weight limits meaning any more weight than they can handle could result in structural damage.

The next step to take is to clean the existing tiles thoroughly. Choose the ideal cleaning solution for your existing tiles from a range of tile cleaning & protection products that have a variety of qualities ideal for a range of tile materials.  You must also degrease the tiles before fixing the new ones.

Specific adhesive must be used in order to fix tile on tile. We have a wide range of weber adhesives offering different qualities, so you can match up your tiles with an adhesive that is perfect for the project. If you need further assistance or you are unsure as to which products might be best for your tiling project then get in touch with Atlas Ceramics now and we’ll be happy to help!

Removing old tiles can be time consuming and tiling over tiles can save both money and time. Remember though, to consider how the finished project will look aesthetically and make sure to consider all the point above before you make your decision.

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