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Category: Industry Advice

By: Tom Urquhart / Last UPDATED: October 11, 2022
Are Outdoor Porcelain Tiles Slippery?

Porcelain outdoor tiles are an excellent tiling choice and will serve you well for many years. However, you might be wondering how slip-proof they are, especially if you intend to lay them around a hot tub. The good news is that porcelain tiles are naturally very grippy and safe to walk on even when wet; …

By: Tom Urquhart / Last UPDATED: October 11, 2022
Are Outdoor Tiles Cheaper Than Decking?

Do you have a lovely outdoor space but are unsure what to do with it? Outdoor tiles or decking are a great addition to your garden. But which one should you go for, and how much do they cost? If you’re asking yourself these questions, you’re in the right place. Having a practical outdoor space …

By: Darren Clark / Last UPDATED: October 11, 2022
What Do Tilers Charge?

When it comes to bathroom and kitchen improvements, few services are as effective and worthwhile as tilers. Whether that’s removing your old tiles or laying out a complete new tiled design, you’ll want to hire a team of tilers. But how much does it cost to hire them, and is it going to set you …

By: Mike Lovatt / Last UPDATED: November 10, 2022
Benefits of Underfloor Heating

With the first day of the summer season just behind us, underfloor heating may be the last thing on your mind. However, now is the perfect time to consider the advantages of fitting underfloor heating so that you’re ready for the arrival of autumn. At Atlas Ceramics we offer a range of electric underfloor heating …

By: Mike Lovatt / Last UPDATED: November 10, 2022
The Pros and Cons of Wet rooms

Wet rooms are becoming more and more popular as people move away from the shower in the bathtub / separate shower cubicle and want the ease of being able to just walk in and out of their home shower as if they were at a swimming pool. Having a wet room does not mean that …