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Benefits of Underfloor Heating

By: Mike Lovatt / Last UPDATED: November 10, 2022
Benefits of Underfloor Heating

With the first day of the summer season just behind us, underfloor heating may be the last thing on your mind. However, now is the perfect time to consider the advantages of fitting underfloor heating so that you’re ready for the arrival of autumn.

At Atlas Ceramics we offer a range of electric underfloor heating systems from Warmup – the world’s biggest selling brand in floor heating, as well as SunStone – a portfolio of low-cost, high-performance heating solutions, specifically designed to sit beneath stone and ceramic tiles.

The obvious benefit to underfloor heating is being able to enjoy the feeling of a warm floor under your feet during the cold winter mornings, but another advantage that might not immediately spring to mind, is that it allows you to design your house to suit your needs. Without radiators – which are not exactly aesthetically pleasing anyway, it frees up space and gives you the flexibility to locate your furniture where you want. It’s the reason why so many new builds feature this kind of heating.

Unlike a traditional radiator system which relies on convection and is often controlled by a thermostat, underfloor heating allows you to control individual rooms so you’re not wasting energy and money heating areas of your home that are used less often. In fact, it has been proven that energy saving from 15 to 40% percent can be achieved with underfloor heating.

Not only that but underfloor heating provides a substantially more consistent and even heat flow in your home. Rather than projecting heat above head height as a radiator does, with underfloor systems the heat gradually rises up through the floor covering and disperses into the room. This means the home is able to retain heat much better, and equally will cool down quicker when turned off. It’s silent as well, with no annoying ticking as pipes expand in the floor like they do with radiator systems.

Underfloor heating is also rising in popularity because even the most inexperienced DIYer can retrofit it into properties in a short space of time, and once installed, it rarely ever requires any form of maintenance. What’s more the SunStone heating systems come with a 10 year warranty, while the Warmup systems can offer a lifetime guarantee on some of their products!

With old-fashioned radiators, floors are cold and moisture content can be higher too, which is the perfect breeding ground for dust mites. When the floor is being heated through however, the environment is too warm and dry for them to live and breed in, which is great for people who suffer from respiratory illnesses such as asthma. Astoundingly, studies show that installing radiant heating in your home can reduce the amount of dust mites by up to 80%.

Although there is the initial outlay to install underfloor heating, over a short space of time the savings on energy and efficiency will pay for themselves, as well as adding additional value to the property overall. It’s no wonder underfloor heating in the UK is growing in popularity.

Article by Mike Lovatt

Here at Atlas Ceramics we import and distribute high quality products to support the tiling industry. These products include Polished tiles, Matt tiles or Satin tiles for the wall and floor, ceramic and porcelain tiles, natural stone and mosaics, from Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

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