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What Do Tilers Charge?

By: Darren Clark / Last UPDATED: October 11, 2022

When it comes to bathroom and kitchen improvements, few services are as effective and worthwhile as tilers. Whether that’s removing your old tiles or laying out a complete new tiled design, you’ll want to hire a team of tilers.

But how much does it cost to hire them, and is it going to set you back a pretty penny? Read on to see exactly how much a typical tiling service will cost you!

Are Tilers Expensive?

Hiring a tiler to handle all of your tiling needs will cost more than doing it yourself, but it is almost always worth the cost – especially if you already own tiles to put down.

A tiler will rarely set you back too much and can be a great way to ensure your tiling project is completed without a hitch!

Tiling Costs Breakdown


When hiring a professional team to install your new floor and wall tiles, you will want to figure out exactly how much you can expect to pay. Your typical labour cost is around £25 to £50 an hour, but this, of course, depends on what labour is expected.

If the job is expected to last more than 6 hours, then the labour cost may switch to a daily rate instead of an hourly rate. You can expect this to cost around £150 to £250 a day!


You can’t have a tiling job without tiles, so you will need to include this in your tiling cost breakdown. The cost will depend entirely on what you choose (size of tile), but the average cost you should expect to spend is anywhere between £6 to £20 per tile.

The overall cost of the tiles will depend on the quality of the tile and how large the room is. For example, if you are covering a large bathroom floor, expect to pay more than a medium-sized bathroom.

It isn’t uncommon for tiles to be charged per square metre. To get a full breakdown of how much you can expect your tiles to cost, be sure to check out our tile calculator.

Other parts

If you require additional materials such as grout, then you may need to pay slightly more. However, most tilers will include this in labour costs, especially if it is needed for any tiling job.

It’s always a good idea to expect to pay a little more for additional materials so that you can accurately calculate your floor tiling costs without any unexpected charges.

Common Tiling Jobs

Kitchen tiling

Whether that’s tiling your floor or adding a unique mosaic design to your wall, kitchen tiling is one of the most popular tiling jobs.

Most kitchen tiling costs will depend entirely on the labour, the tiles per square metre and your chosen tile materials. Whether you go for ceramic or porcelain tiles or even mosaic tiling, the tile you choose will affect your tiling costs.

Bathroom tiling

From underfloor heating to tiling a bathroom wall, every professional tiler will know how to improve your bathroom. Like your kitchen, the bathroom cost of tiling will depend on labour, tiles per square meter and your chosen tiles.

For a full list of bathroom tiles that we can offer, be sure to check out our selection here!

Outdoor tiling

Less common than bathroom or kitchen tiling, outdoor tiling is completely possible.

A range of different projects involve outdoor tiling, and the costs can be determined using the same methods as your indoor tiling counterparts.

Is Hiring A Tiler Worth It?

Hiring a tiler to install any wall and floor tiles is more than worth the cost. A DIY project cannot compete with a professional one.

If you want to ensure your tiles are installed correctly and remove any existing tiles with minimal damage, consider hiring a professional!


How much should tilers charge?

Your typical tiling labour cost will be about £30 an hour or £200 a day. Be sure to double-check the exact cost before hiring a tiler so you know how much you should expect to pay.

Can I buy the tiles for a tiler?

This depends entirely on the tiler service itself. Some tilers will provide the tiles at a higher cost, whereas others will happily use the tiles you have supplied.

Be sure to check exactly what a service offers to ensure it is right for you!

What’s the cheapest way to tile a bathroom?

The cheapest way to tile your bathroom is to purchase the tiles and do the tiling yourself. It will require a lot more work than hiring a tiler, but if you are on a strict budget, it is possible to do it yourself.

Article by Darren Clark

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