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Can Underfloor Heating Be Used Under Tiles?

  • April 6, 2017

There is indeed a huge list of benefits to installing under floor heating under your tiles, but still many home owners are fooled by the myths that surround this subject and opt for a less suitable method to heat a room.

It was once considered that underfloor heating was only an advantage in bathrooms and kitchens.

This is certainly not the case and in fact modern systems are great for heating the whole house or for heating just one additional room such as an extension or conservatory.

Warmup Underfloor Heating Gone are the days where adding heating underneath your floor tiles increases your energy bills!

The electric systems sold today are the next step towards low energy usage.

As they are now far more efficient, they allow you to reduce the use of the traditional radiator heating system to heat a room.

By heating your floor you are putting the warmth where you need it the most, as opposed to heating the ceiling space where energy is so often lost.

Systems such as Warmup electrical underfloor heating, provide much better control of the temperature.

With superb 3iE energy-monitor thermostats, you gain a more accurate control over the temperature under your tiles, again ensuring minimum energy wastage and maintaining the perfect temperature to avoid being too stuffy or too cold.

These systems offer versatility to be installed under many different surfaces including, vinyl, carpet, wood, laminate and indeed stone and ceramic tiles.

The hard surfaces are the best coverings to use with underfloor heating as they transfer the heat most effectively and offer the least resistance.

Just as the tiling dates back to the Roman times, as does the use of under floor heating.

Although far more crude than today’s systems, the Romans were very aware that placing heating beneath the tiles was the more effective and efficient way to maintain heat within any space.

Undertile Heating         Floor Tiles and Heating

Although tiles are good at heat transference, it may sometimes feel a little cool under foot.

By installing under floor heating beneath your tiles, you can just take the chill off which leaves you feeling much warmer and more comfortable at home.

For even more information on the heating systems we have available please visit the underfloor heating section.

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