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Grout Cleaning – What products are available?

  • February 5, 2017

Having nice and shiny wall or floor tiles is great, even more so when the grout looks good too.

By keeping grouts clean and protected, will keep that nice, shiny look for longer and will also reduce the need for any touch up grouting work and increase the longevity of the surfaces.

There are lots of products on the market for keeping tiles clean; however there are not so many for keeping your grout joints not only clean, but protected.

Here at Atlas Ceramics; we recommend KF Grout Cleaner and KF Grout Protector by Lithofin for use in your kitchen or bathroom on both wall and floor tiles.

The KF Grout Cleaner comes in a 500ml bottle and is designed to thoroughly clean and restore all joints of tile surfaces, this product can also be used to clean certain tiles also. The cleaner is mildly alkaline and will remove grease, oil and dirt deposits, making your grout look just as good as your tiles. For stubborn areas it is recommended that you use the product undiluted and to keep the liquid on the area for a longer period so the ingredients can do their thing.

The KF Grout Protector also comes in a 500ml bottle and this is a ready to use solution and is designed to prevent the penetration of water, oil, dirt or grease into your grout. This protection product simplifies maintenance and is absorbent, which allows unglazed tiles to be treated at the same time as your grout. This product has an approximate drying time of 2 hours, but can take up to 24 hours to be fully effective.                

With regard to application; it is recommended that with the Lithofin grout cleaner a small amount is placed onto a damp sponge and applied to the area. This needs to be left on the surface for approximately 10-15 minutes, and then rinsed off with water.

For the Grout Protector, you will need to apply with a small brush (like a paint brush); apply an even coat to the grout lines and any absorbent tiles and allow for the product to sink in for approximately 20 minutes. Then use a dry cloth to wipe off any excess from any non-absorbent surfaces.

If you need to clean grout joints in areas around acid resistant materials such as stoneware, ceramics or baked clay, then we also recommend a product by Rubi, which is also a grout cleaner.

This product is especially formulated for descaling and cleaning all types of residue from grout joints in flooring and coverings quickly and efficiently. It removes dirt cleanly and easily from baths, kitchens and bedrooms without harming the surfaces. If you are to use this product then you will need to ensure that you use gloves due to the acidic properties contained within the product.

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