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How should I cut Ceramic Tiles?

  • May 13, 2017

After hours of wandering around tile showrooms, you have finally chosen your ceramic tiles and are ready to start transforming your room. Your surface is smooth, you have the perfect amount of tiles to complete the job and you have decided on your starting point. Your first challenge, just how do you cut ceramic tiles to fit those awkward corners?

There are some superb tile cutters on the market, just look at the selection of Rubi Manual Tile Cutters we stock online.

Tile Cutter

These tile cutters are extremely effective for cutting straight lines, but it you are tiling around an oval bath, a curved shower cubical or maybe even just looking to remove a very small corner, we need to look to an alternative solution.

For unusual shapes and even to create holes, there are methods that require a little more time and elbow grease but are more economical that you would think.

For cutting straight lines without a tile cutter, first measure the area where the tile is to be fitted. Deduct a quarter of an inch to allow for a spacer, mark a line across the tile to this measurement. Holding a spirit level on top of the tile against the marked line, score with a scoring tool and bend the tile until it breaks along your line. The Rubi Wheel is a great help with this type of job.

Tile Wheel       Rubi Tile Nippers

To effectively cut a hole in your ceramic tile, attach a tile hole-cutting bit to your drill. Secure the tile using clamps before drilling a hole from the top of the tile downward. The edges can be smoothed using a wet double-sided sanding stone.

To cut curves, create a paper template to ensure your finished tile will fit perfectly in place. This template can then be used to mark the tile with a china marker or pencil. Don’t forget your safety glasses and hearing protection before starting! Making multiple straight cuts with a diamond blade will create a smooth curve. Make sure you cut slowly and carefully so as not to break the tile. Smooth the finished curve by allowing the blade to grind any remaining elements for the perfect profile.

Tile nippers are also ideal for trimming and shaping tiles to fit into difficult areas.

Why not take a look at our tiling tools and accessories, we stock at great range of products ideal for your next tiling project.

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