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Prevent Cracks And Achieve Fantastic Results With Dural Durabase CI Plus Matting

  • January 27, 2017

The Durabase CI (Crack insulation) Plus Matting is a product developed by Dural.  The product is designed to provide a stable base against concrete, cement, screeds (with under-floor heating), wooden floorboards and cement (among other surfaces), upon which to lay tiles.  The matting protects against the formation of cracks, which over time will wreak havoc with floor tiling.  The matting is resistant to chemicals, fungus and bacteria.

The Dural Durabase CI Plus Matting comes on a roll 1 metre wide by 3mm high.  This is an ideal size roll for use on domestic tiling areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms.  Dural does a range in Crack Insulation Plus Matting to cater for a variety of area sizes and needs.  They also offer the matting in 5, 20 and 30sqm.


The CI Plus Matting couldn’t be simpler to use.  Firstly, it is important to clear the work area of all dust.  The next step is to check the floor has no bounce or abnormal movement caused by unstable subflooring.  If priming is required, you should follow the regulations described on the adhesive instructions. At this stage you should prime the whole subfloor area if needed. 


Dural Durabase CI Plus Matting Preparing the matting is very straight forward.  The matting can be easily cut and adjusted to fit the required space and shape.  The matting can be cut with a Stanley knife or pair of scissors to allow for any variations or features of the room. 


Once the matting has been measured and cut, the tile adhesive should be evenly applied to the floor using a trowel.  The matting must be pressed onto the adhesive area.  Once the matting is down it can be walked on and can be tiled on straight away.


In conjunction with the Durabase CI Matting, sealing strips can be used at any floor/wall junctions, to waterproof the required area.  The waterproof sealing strips should also be put across joints where the rolls of matting meet.


Below is a list of tools and equipment needed to successfully apply Dural Durabase CI Plus Matting, for tiling, on to a subfloor:

The Dural Durabase CI Plus Matting is an excellent product for coupling tiles to a subfloor in order to avoid cracking.  After all, nobody wants to see their beautiful, mosaic or ceramic tiles damaged when the cracking could have been prevented!

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