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Weber.Fix Plus Adhesive for Ceramic Wall Tiles

  • July 13, 2017

Weber.fix plus is a high performance, ready-mixed, acrylic, thin bed ceramic adhesive for wall tiles. Weber.fix plus is ideal for interior use, and it is designed to be non slip, even with larger or heavier tiles making it exceptionally easy to use.

About Weber.Fix Plus

Weber.fix plus is a great adhesive recommended for use with ceramic wall tiles.

It is suited to interior walls and can be used in both dry and wet areas. As a tile fixing adhesive it is great for areas such as domestic showers, kitchens and bathrooms.

Features and Benefits

Weber.fix plus is a tile fixing product that is manufactured under BSI Quality Assurance Scheme ISO 9001. The adhesive itself is thixotropic, which makes the process of spreading much easier. There is zero slip, even with thicker/heavier tiles, high initial grab and low colour formulation.


Whilst it is a high performance adhesive for ceramic wall tiles, weber.fix plus is not recommended for use with floor tiles or any external areas. Avoid very wet areas such as swimming pools or communal showers and you should also be aware that is it not suited for porcelain tiles.

How to prepare

The first step is to confirm that all surfaces are clean and dry. They should be sound, free of dust or any other contaminating barrier and the surface itself should be capable of supporting the weight of tiling.

Prepare any unsuitable areas before tiling to ensure you have an ideal surface to work with. It is advisable to eradicate peeling or flaking layers. You can prime porous or dusty surfaces with a weber PR360 primer or weber AD230 admixture. Ensure the tiling surface is dry before commencing.


Weber.fix plus should not be used at temperatures below 5°C. Using a jagged trowel apply the adhesive directly to the wall rather than straight onto the ceramic tiles. Make sure you cover an area that can be easily tiled within around 20 minutes. If you are applying studded-backed or larger tiles you might want to apply the adhesive directly to the tile backs also. Ensure the tiles are fixed within 20 minutes of applying the adhesive.

The adhesive should stick to the fingers if pressed lightly, if this is not the case it is recommended that you remove the adhesive and apply more. Press the tiles firmly into the adhesive bed. This is best done with a sliding or twisting action allowing 2mm gaps for the grout joints.

In dryer areas you must achieve at least 70% adhesive coverage for each tile, whilst in wetter areas it is important that no voids remain under the tiles. Removing a tile helps you to check that the desired contact is being attained.

Be sure to remove any surplus adhesive from both the tiles and joints, before it sets. Weber.fix plus adhesive gains strength as it dries, so it is advisable to leave for a minimum time of around 24 hours before applying grout. If applied to a non-porous surface or an area with poor drying conditions a longer drying time will be required.

Storage and Shelf life

When stored keep weber.fix plus airtight in a cool, dry place. It should be stored at at temperatures above 5°C and also be careful to protect from the frosts. The shelf life of weber.fix plus is 12 months from date of manufacture.

In terms of health and safety it is essentially non-hazardous and not harmful during normal use but you must take care to wash hands thoroughly after contact with skin.

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