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Why Choose Terracotta Tiles for my home?

  • May 2, 2017

With earthy reds and natural orange tones, terracotta tiles can provide the perfect choice for a rustic feel inside your home.

As this style of tile is one of the more traditional, it’s a great compliment to a more rural property. Terracotta, from the Latin meaning ‘Baked Earth’, originated from Italy and was used to produce a huge variety of products.

Still one of the most commonly used materials for tiling in Europe, terracotta provides a variety of different natural colours due to the process used to create it.

After becoming popular in England in the 1860’s, Terracotta had the advantage of being fairly cheap to manufacture, light and long-lasting. Today terracotta tiles are still produced in a traditional way, handmade from baked clay and left to dry in the sun.

Now, however, the choice of finish is wider and so it’s easy to find the perfect tile to bring warmth and sensuality to your floors and walls.

Terracotta Tiles        Terracotta Floor Tiles

As with any item of beauty, terracotta tiles require an amount of love and care. This porous material must be sealed correctly to avoid it absorbing moisture and grime.

When choosing your tiles make sure to seek advice on the most suitable products to use. Lithofin offer a great range of products to seal and maintain your natural tiles, browse our range of tile cleaning and protection products for a wide selection.

For the first year after application, your tiles will continue to mature, this aging process creates incredible character and enhances the product, it can’t be ‘cleaned’ out.

When using any products, try a test patch first and if you are unsure contact your supplier.

With great heat retaining properties, terracotta tiles are a perfect choice for use with under floor heating.

This environmentally friendly material has such longevity, it really is an investment and will be enjoyed in your home for years to come.

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