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How easy is it to fit under tile heating?

  • January 10, 2017

Warmup Underfloor Heating It may seem a daunting prospect to install an under floor heating system beneath your tiles, but don’t panic; with the right system, installation can be fairly straight forward.

As with most jobs around the home, preparation is undoubtedly the most important element and it is important that you read the instructions and specification that come with your product.

The Warmup Loose Wire System in particular has been designed for simple and quick installation.

A loose wire system is ideal for rooms that have unusual shapes and corners as this allows you to choose exactly where your heating will run, giving you the most benefit underfoot.

A matting system is more suitable for simple square rooms such as conservatories as these spaces tend to be of a more conventional geometric shape.

If you have decided to use a matting system, it’s advisable to produce a scale drawing of the room you intend to use it in; include any permanent furniture within the room such as kitchen cabinets, toilet, bath, shower and sink in the bathroom.

This will help your supplier to provide you with the right size mat. Your mat should run up to the edge of any furniture but not underneath it as this can cause an unnecessary build up of heat.

Your mat should remain 4 inches away from the toilet and the heating cable should always be 2 inches away from itself.

When you have everything you need, make sure you test it before installation begins.

Undertile heating          

Whichever system is most suitable for your home, it is vital that the floor is prepared correctly to ensure the heating system is installed correctly and also to guarantee a beautiful finish when your tiles are laid.

At Atlas Ceramics we recommend that you install insulated tile backer boards on the floor with thin-set mortar and cement board screws before priming your clean dry surface with primer paint.

The light green colour of the Warmup Primer changes to a dark colour when dry.

Avoid walking across the floor once it has been prepared.

With a loose wire system, layout the heating wire in parallel lines creating U shapes as you move across the space; cables should never overlap.

Using adhesive tape, secure the wire to the floor. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when installing the thermostat.

It is likely you will need a qualified electrician to complete this element of the installation process.

If you have purchased a heating mat, simply lay your mat in the correct place and secure to avoid movement later.

When you are sure the underfloor heating system is secure in the correct place and functioning properly, you may start laying your tiles.

Take extra care when tiling to ensure you don’t damage or move the heating wires.

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