Free shipping on all orders over £250

Free shipping on all orders over £250

Micro Joints – the new way to replace the traditional expansion joint.

  • August 16, 2017

With underfloor heating becoming more common due to cost-effective installation and running costs, there are inherent problems associated with these systems in the form of movement between the subfloor and the floor finish due to expansions and contractions. Failing to allow for this movement will almost certainly result in cracked tiling surfaces. Dural UK have developed a solution in the form of Micro Joint Infill which provides discreet stress protection for tiles and natural stone on heated floors.

Benefits of Micro Joint Infill for tiles on underfloor heating systems

It is essential for 40m² or above flooring installations to have a form of movement protection in place to protect the surface tiles. Micro Joint Infill has been specially developed to provide this and discreetly provides effective movement protection on heated floors due to the fact that it can be colour matched to the existing grout, tile colour or any colour in the RAL chart.

Micro Joint Infill is supplied in a kit format of:

  • Part One Base
  • Part Two Hardener
  • Cartridge assembly
  • Protective gloves


Mix part two with part one thoroughly until a consistent colour is achieved then transfer into the cartridge then apply into the grout lines.

Matched accurately to the grout, tile or any colour in the RAL range, Micro Joint Infill  blends into the floor surface whilst providing the required stress relief modern heated floors require for a long lasting results.

Full instructions and specifications can be found here

We will make up the Micro Joint kit for you based on your specification, all we need is:

  • Width of grout line
  • Depth of grout line
  • Length of coverage in metres (linear metres)
  • Colour required

(It is recommended to order extra 10 % in case of unwanted spills)

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